Edurne from ‘Rebel Attitude’ blog

Edurne is a beautiful and truly inspiring blogger from Spain. Her style is glamorous, sexy, cosy, accessible, creative and comfortable. I absolutely love her style and her blog and I am so honored to introduce her to You, my dear readers.


1)Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.
I live in Basque Country, in the north of Spain and my professional life is dedicated to the Advertising and Marketing world.  In my free time I like being with my friends and my puppy, visiting family, running, riding my bicycle…

Rebel_11_9_2011 015_b

Rebel_11_9_2011 032_b

2)When and why did You start blogging? What was the inspiration behind Your blog?

I started blogging 3 years ago. I got my inspiration from other fantastic international blogs. I felt that I want to do something similar.

3)What is Your everyday job and how much time do You spend on blogging?

I prepare company advertising campaigns for TV, radio, Social Media, Press, Street Marketing…
I don´t dedicate too much time to blogging, because I simply don´t have much time for this, but I do write at nights, sometimes for one or two hours. It depends of the day.



4)How would You describe Your style?

Puf, I don´t know, haha. I like choosing different styles in order to not get boring.  But I adore rock style and I´m in love with Isabel Marant.

5)What is Your favourite clothing item in Your closet?

Jeans, leggins, a white shirt…


6)What has been Your most worn item lately?

My black low booties from Zara.
7)Please name some of Your favourite beauty products that You have in Your everyday make-up bag?

I use special creams for my face that my dermatologist gave me last year.  My make up used to be from Mac, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, and I love Aussie shampoo!


8)Please name one beauty of health trick that You have discovered and that really works?

Onagra Oil Capsules are wonderful for our health, nails and hair. Take them every day for two months.

9)What has been the most exciting holiday that You have been on so far? Where would You like to travel?

I´ve visited many different countries such us China, Japan, Myanmar, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia, USA… For me travelling is one of the most important hobbies. I will never forget those days in Myanmar…


10)What’s Your favourite TV show that You follow regularly?

I used to see films or TV series on the Internet.  Now I´m watching Game of Thrones.  I don´t see much TV.

11)Is there any fashion blogs You follow daily and recommend for us to read?  I follow many international blogs.  I love Sincerely Jules, Victoria Törnegren or COTTDS.


12)Do You have a Motto that You believe in and try to live Your life by?

I think if you are good to other people, you will receive the same kindness back in the future (tripled) 🙂

Visit Edurnes blog and Facebook page


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