Meeting Julie Andrews

In less than 3 weeks I am going to see one of my favourite childhood actresses live on stage here in Sydney. Of course I am talking about wonderful Julie Andrews. I remember watching ‘The Sound of Music’ over and over again with my mum and singing all the songs alone in my bedroom 🙂 I loved the movie so much! The weird thing is, this is the movie that I have seen the most times in my life (no doubt about that), but I never get tired of it. Every time I enjoy it just as much as the first time.

julie andrews som

Of course she is not only known as the beautiful Maria from The Sound of Music. She has won an Oscar for her role in Mary Poppins in 1965 and she is well known to younger generation from The Princess Diaries, Shrek and many other films.

When I heard that Julie Andews is coming to Australia for the first time, I just had to get the ticket. I am going alone, because tickets to this show are expensive and my partner doesn’t understand my obsession with Julie Andrews anyways, so there is no point to bring him with me. This is going to be my special evening seeing Julie Andrews on stage where she will take the audience through her career and show lots of best footage and also some unseen footage. I am so excited about this evening and I will tell you all about it later in my review.



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