Presidents and their Dogs.

Barack Obama and Bo

Barack Obama and Bo. Portuguese Water Dog.

George W. Bush and Spot “Spotty” Fetcher

George w bush. Spot .Spotty. Fetcher .

George W. Bush with Barney and Miss Beazley

George W. Bush. Barney and Miss Beazley. Scottish terriers.

Bill Clinton and Buddy

bill clinton and Buddy

George H. W. Bush with Millie and her puppies

George_H._W._Bush_with_his_pet_Millie_and_her_puppies. ranger

Ronald Reagan and Lucky

Ronald Reagan and lucky

Ronald Reagan and Rex


Ronald Reagan and Victory


Gerald Ford and Liberty

gerald ford and liberty

Richard Nixon and Checkers

Nixon and Checkers

… and some Estonian presidents

Arnold Rüütel

arnold rüütel

Toomas Hendrik Ilves




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