PEAR BODY SHAPE : what to wear and what not to wear

Pear shape is said to be the most common with women.

Do you have  a pear body shape?

If you are not sure CLICK HERE to find out.

What to wear:

– choose designs that have detail at the neck and shoulders
– strapless tops
– wear padded bras
– asymmetric cuts on the bottom
– silk tops
– accent scarves and boat necklines are good
– dark colors on the lower body, with lighter colors above, draw the eye up
– shoulder pads help balance the silhouette
– shirts that hit above or below the hip will be more flattering than those that end at the widest part of your hip
– skirts should be a bit longer and hover around the knee
– wide leg trousers in dark colors will make you look taller and will take the attention away from the hips
– straight legged trousers
– off the shoulder styles look great on you
– A-line and flared skirts
– go for low-rise dark jeans and dark pants
– wrap dresses are good
– sleek shoes with a thin heel are good
– pick eye-catching tops and bold accessories to draw attention up

What not to wear:

– avoid wearing anything lighter on your bottom than your top
– long, baggy tunic tops that stop at hip level and end up maximizing the widest part of you. But if you feel more comfortable with a longer-length top, then ensure it’s fitted at the waist and floats over your hips
– stay away from tops that fall directly on your hips
– garments with diagonal sleeves
– skirts or trousers with patch or inseam pockets
– short skirts that end well above the knee
– body-hugging tight skirts
– bold patterns, large checks and light colors are not recommended for below the waist
– tight jeans with too much detail on the hips or bottom
– high-waisted pants
– flashy belts


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