HOURGLASS BODY SHAPE : What to wear and what not to wear

Hourglass figure is considered by most to be the ideal female form.

Do you have an hourglass body shape?

If you are not sure CLICK HERE to find out.

What to wear:

– shirtwaist dresses

– belts

 – pick ultra-feminine pieces wherever possible

– tailored jackets

– slim pants

– look for tops that will lengthen your body

– V-necks or scooped necklines

– wrap around tops and dresses are great

– keeping colors monochromatic gives a stylish finish and keeps you looking really well proportioned

– fluted, 3/4 puff sleeves

– halter tops are great as they show off your shapely shoulders

– darker colors, because they will help you to appear slimmer, however most colors look good on you

– select small dots or patterns for a softer slimmer look

– when looking for jackets keep them simple. they can ether be short or long, they have to be well fitted

– jeans made of stretch denim are the best. they will hug your curves and give a smooth fit at the waistline and hips. mid-rise jeans are the way to go. but low-rise jeans work great for you as well. skinny jeans are good

– pencil skirts, high waisted skirts and knee length are all good options


What not to wear:

– empire dresses or tops, especially if you have a full bust

– full tops with full skirts

– overall boxy styles

– pieces made with bulky, heavy fabrics

– baggy tops and pants

– straight lines in skirts, jeans, and jackets

– tops that have large prints, stripes and lots of detail around the bust area

– skirts that are too short. these will only tend to make you look round and shorten your total look


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