APPLE BODY SHAPE : what to wear and what not to wear

The apple is one of the more challenging body types to dress.

Do you have  an apple body shape?

If you are not sure CLICK HERE to find out.

What to wear:

– monochromatic colors and/or muted shades in complementary colors
– straight skirts
– shirts that taper toward the wrist
– vests or jackets that fall below waistline
– straight cut trousers
– wrap-around tops
– fitted tops. but not too tight!
– V-necklines
– skinny leg jeans
– 3/4 sleeve tops
– a cami or tank top with matching jacket
– belted jackets are great
– wear jackets and blazers open for the best vertical lines
– darker solid colors work best on your tops
– skirts ending above the knee
– A-line skirts
– jeans with a flat front and the rise that is lower than your natural waist. look for jeans that have back pockets, lighter washes and/or jeans with fading will add shape to your thighs. boot-cut is also good
– textures like chiffon and silk are great for skirts

What not to wear:

– blocky, bold, contrasting colors
– details that draw attention to your waist like large patch pockets and belts
– ultra-baggy clothes
– stretchy skirts or leggings
– tops with puffy sleeves
– light colors above the waist
– shoulder pads


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