Changes in my blog!

I have been keeping this blog now for about 3,5 months and I’ve grown to love it. It is a great place to collect my thoughts and inspirations. Now I have passed the testing period (testing myself and my writing consistancy), I believe I will continue keeping the blog. I have decided to make some changes though. Like you know I write about many different subjects in my blog and it all have become a bit messy. I like to organize things and now it’s time to organize my blog 🙂 From now on I am going to have a different subject for every day of the week.

Here they are:

MONDAY: Fashion

(fashion icons, new trends, new collections, designers, street fashion, etc.)


(beauty product reviews, beauty secrets, makeup looks, makeup artists, models, etc.)


(hairstyles, hair care tips, hair styling products, people with great hair, etc.)

THURSDAY: Travelling

(my personal travel stories, beautiful and exciting places to visit, tips for travellers, etc.)

FRIDAY: I love…

(beauty products that I love, outfits that I love, my favorite foods, my favorite movies, my favorite books, people who inspire me and who I love, etc. )

SATURDAY: Person of the week

(interviews with people who are inspirational, talented, beautiful and interesting)

SUNDAY: My week in pictures

(my outfits, interesting things that I have done, seen or tasted, etc.)

Thank you for reading and following my blog! You make me want to get better and you inspire me to write more. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and don’t forget to follow my blog, so that you will be first to now about my new posts. You can follow me on facebook or  bloglovin’ . Have a beautiful day and see you soon! 😉


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